Australian law requires that :

  • both partners be 18 years of age;

  • both be free to marry;

At your first appointment,  we will complete a Notice of Intended Marriage.  At this time I will advise you of the availability of pre-marriage counselling in your area,  should you wish to take advantage of this service.

To enable me to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage,  I must sight originals of the following documents:

  • a Birth Certificate, or a current passport if you were born in Australia, or a current passport or naturalisation certificate if you were born overseas;

  • a Decree Absolute if you have been married previously,  or a Death Certificate of a previous spouse;

  • the permission of a parent or guardian and court order granting approval if you are under 18; and

  • photo proof of identity such as a driver’s licence or passport;

You will also need to give some thought as to who will be your witnesses to sign your marriage documents.  These two people must be over the age of eighteen years and can be relatives or friends.     You will need to provide their their full names in plenty of time before the wedding, in order for me to complete the legal documents.

 If you would like to organise an obligation free chat about your special day,  please phone me on 0429770017 to arrange an appointment.




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