Naming Ceremonies

Welcome to the Family

Naming Ceremonies are as old as the human race and considered by many to be an important introduction of a child to the community by their family and friends. The ceremony can be used for the welcoming of a new baby, adopted child, a stepchild or a member of the community.

Naming Ceremonies can also be an ideal opportunity for family and friends to honour the special day by –

  • Planting of trees

  • Sealing a time capsule

  • Contributing to a memento box, or

  • Releasing balloons

  • Presentation of a symbolic gift

 What’s involved in the actual ceremony?

Naming ceremonies can be as long or as short as desired and usually run for approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

This is your ceremony and it should be reflective of you and your family, so please feel free to be as creative as you wish. This is a rough guide only, to give you a sense of how a ceremony can be structured.

Often a ceremony will include some or all of the following:

  • Introduction and welcome

  • Acknowledgment of absent or deceased family members and friends and candle lighting / bell ringing / flowers

  • Reason for ceremony

  • Family heritage and traditions

  • Brief history of your child’s life thus far

  • Stories / passages / poems / songs / original pieces etc

  • Vows of parent/s

  • Declaration of child’s name and its history

  • Interactive symbolic gestures eg family blessings and wishes;  lighting of family or naming candle; tying wishes onto a wish tree; presentation of gifts; protective circle; anointment; tree planting; photo board; petal or water blessing; magic dust; your own family and cultural traditions etc

  • Godparents’/mentors’/life guides’/guardians’/patrons’/ life parents’ vows

  • Thanks to grandparents and/or siblings

  • Presentation of certificates

  • Welcome to the family

  • Music / Serving of drinks / Signing of certificate

  • Presentation to guests and toast

What does my fee include?

  • All necessary interviews at a mutually convenient location.  If you are unable to come to me then I will go to you.

  • telephone and email consultations as required

  • creation of a personal and unique ceremony, written especially for you, with your full editorial control

  • attention to detail and excellent personal service

  • my guarantee that no other ceremony will be booked so close that I arrive late or rush off afterwards

  • professional delivery of your ceremony

  • fully insured, trained, experienced and registered celebrant

  • unlimited access to resource materials

  • copies of your child’s ceremony for the parents and godparents / guardians

  • your choice of naming certificate

  • certificates for godparents and / or grandparents

  •  provision of a portable PA system

  • all my transport costs for any return journey 100ks from my home. We can agree on any additional travel costs at our first meeting

  • no hidden extra charges.

 If you would like to organise an obligation free chat about your special day,  please phone me on 0429770017 to arrange an appointment.

Email: info@idoidoceremonies.com.au