Do You Own a Ladder?

Sometimes couples just want to get married without the fuss of a big wedding.  Is eloping for you? If this is your choice I am more than happy to help you achieve this.

There’s always a feeling of romantic rebellion when eloping is mentioned. It can be a good way to save money,  plus –

It’s cheap eloping is significantly cheaper than the traditional wedding.  Would you rather spend money on the reception or on a honeymoon?

Family arguments – a good way to avoid them.

It’s simpleryou don’t have to spend a year on wedding planning.

The style – you can marry whenever and wherever you like, dressed up or dressed down.

It’s fast – if a fast wedding is what you are looking for, eloping might be the way to go. Note: In Australia eloping is not like Las Vegas – you must still lodge a notice of intended marriage one calendar month before the wedding date.  Download Notice of Intended Marriage Form.PDF

If you  decide that eloping is the right option for you, consider these variations that might avoid some of the pitfalls –

Private Ceremony plus Party – have a ceremony that’s just the two of you, plus your witnesses, but throw a party afterwards for your friends and family.

Private Ceremony plus Photographer – hire a professional photographer to come with you to your ceremony, then send out great pictures of the event with your wedding announcement.

♥Small Group of Family & Friends plus Dinner – invite your parents and best friends to come with you – the small group can go out for a celebratory dinner afterwards.

 If you would like to organise an obligation free chat about your special day,  please phone me on 0429770017 to arrange an appointment.